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Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine

Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine Quantity in Basket:none
Code: CM14
Price: $499.00



The Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette machine is simple, easy to use and reliable. You load tobacco into your machine, add a paper tube, and press a button. In seconds, you have a cigarette. In fact, you can make a perfect pack of cigarettes in two minutes!


Add tobacco, a tube and push a button on your Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine. In two minutes you'll have a pack of perfect cigarettes. Fresher and Better. No more running to the store, hunting for change between the car seats or standing in line.

The Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine puts a measured amount of tobacco into each tube packed to your personal preference. The good news is each cigarette is uniform. You don't need to fuss and mess with the tobacco to make a perfect cigarette. The machine is safe, reliable and makes consistently good cigarettes. A complete one year warranty and 1-800 help desk provides support for this fine product.


The Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine has a dial to adjust the tightness of your cigarette. You can make a tighter smoke depending on your preference. The Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine specializes in your favorite king size tubes and for folks that enjoy a 100mm size cigarette, they can adjust the compaction and enjoy a longer lasting smoke.


Our Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine lights up to let you know your next step, or the next button to push. We've made it so that you don't need to think about making your cigarettes, you can think about smoking a great cigarette!

What makes the Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Maker so Special? Two motors and a microprocessor which monitors the compaction level and the quantity of tobacco, make this machine special. In addition, the machine features a selectable compaction level, a meter slide and a control board that controls the sequence of operation, notifies operator of problems and provides compaction safety preventing damage to the machine.